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Archive Nation: Delhi’s 5 Crowning Museums

A nation’s past is measured in its museums, or so the saying goes. Museums are a tangible gateway to the past and paint a beautiful if not exactly accurate picture of a bygone era. However, there are different types of museums, and not all of those houses have historical relics. Only archaeological museums do that. Besides those, there are museums for art, science, crafts and textiles, coins, technological and industrial history, etc. Delhi, India’s capital has a veritable stream of various museums, and as such we bring to you 5 prime museums of Delhi.

National Museum Of Natural History, Tansen Marg In Delhi | So Delhi

National Museum, Delhi

It’s practically impossible to make a list of Delhi’s museums and not have its most revered pride and joy – the National Museum at Rajpath. As an ode to the past, the museum houses artifacts that number around 2 lakhs, which means you can find interesting artifacts from the Indus Valley period and end with mementos from the British Raj era.

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On its exhibits, they display an array of weapons, manuscripts, textiles, and other nick-nacks from various eras of our history. The museum’s coin collection is another thing you must pay attention to if you wish to see how currency differed from one era to the next. Thus, if you’re a major archaeology and history buff, make sure to visit Delhi’s National Museum.

Purana Qila Archaeological Museum, Delhi

A little obvious home for the capital city’s Archaeological museum is within the Purana Qila (Old Fort). The ASI went through numerous digging sessions within the Fort and unearthed a cache of treasures. As such, it became one of the most popular museums in Delhi and features a vast array of archaeological artifacts.

Purana Qila in New Delhi set to get a makeover - Media India Group

In chronological order, that is from ancient India to modern India, the artifacts are divided into various eras, like the Mauryan Age of the ancient period, to the Sultanate era then the Mughals, and finally way into the Colonial period. It also houses maps, textiles, important manuscripts and scrolls, etc among the artifacts on display giving the visitors a taste of the nation’s glorious past.

National Gallery of Modern Art, Delhi

India was a land of cultures, a beautiful haven that saw the emergence and mitigation of several dynasties and their art with them. The National Gallery of Modern Art is a museum that represents that diversity and presents a tapestry of exquisite artwork. Housed within its walls, a visitor can spy on artworks from modern artists as late as post-colonial times. Prominent artists like Ranbindra Nath Tagore, Raja Ravi Verma, and even some British painters.

Delhi's National Gallery Of Modern Art Takes Big Steps Towards Inclusivity  - HELLO! India

The museum itself is located within a place of historical significance, i.e., Jaipur House which once was a royal residence. Thus, if you want to explore an afternoon with some magnificent and regal modern artworks, then head over to this art museum near the India Gate.

National Handicrafts and Handlooms Museum, Delhi

In the traditional days, handicrafts and handlooms were the backbone of the Indian economy up until the British’s exploitative rule. National Handicrafts and Handlooms Museum in Delhi aims to preserve that part of our heritage and carry on the practice of crafting and weaving. The museum gives an illusion of an actual village from some bygone era, and visitors can walk through it appreciating the intricate craftsmanship of Indian craftsmen and weavers.

National Crafts Museum & Hastkala Academy

You can find handloom pieces from all over the country, from Kashmir to Karnataka, from Bengal to Rajasthan, the museum houses textiles, fabrics, and other such mementos from different historical eras and places. There are even paintings within this museum, crafts like you’ve never encountered before. So, if you want to enjoy the authenticity of Indian crafts, handlooms, and paintings, head over to this museum.

National Science Center, Delhi

One of the largest museums in the city, the National Science Center is an ice-globe miniature of humanity’s quest for modernity and evolutionary development. Located on Bhairon Road, this museum opened its gates to the public in 1992 and has ever since been a beacon of scientific historical knowledge. The museum boasts a varied collection of knowledge in the form of a planetarium, library, etc. They host occasional science fairs and offer internships and educational tours to willing pupils.

National Science Centre, Delhi

So, if you’re someone who is looking to learn how humanity evolved throughout the ages and how the world works in atoms, then make sure to pay the National Science Center an earnest visit.

It is always fun to explore museums, isn’t it? They provide such a wealth of knowledge for us to learn about our beloved past, and also epitomize the perpetuity of the passage of time. From Indus Valley, to post-colonial, from rails to aircraft, from handlooms to coins, from archaeology to biology, museums can be a treasure trove for learning information. There are around 30 museums within Delhi, and while some are more famous than others, the aforementioned five museums are the crowning jewels of the capital city.

They tell us about the richness of our past, the varied nature, and how far we’ve come over the centuries. Other museums of New Delhi include the Indian War Memorial, Nehru Museum and Planetarium, Tibet House Museum, Rail Museum, Gandhi Smriti Museum, etc.


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