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Retail Therapy: 7 Finest Mumbai Bazar Shopping Destinations

Mumbai Bazar

Mumbai, the energetic city of India, is often hailed as its commercial hub. With a thriving entertainment sector and travel enterprises, the city is also well-known for its many Mumbai Bazar that provide a wealth of merchandise following its lively culture, rich heritage, and mouthwatering culinary skills.

If you want to shop here, you’ll find a plethora of options for all tastes and costs, from trendy clothing to classic jewelry, to conventional textiles, and modern creative work. So, come along, dear reader, as we take you through the bustling lanes of the finest Mumbai Bazars. Explore the charm, diversity, and excitement that Mumbai Bazar has to offer.

Chor Bazaar

As the name plainly suggests, Chor Bazaar translates to “Thieves Market” and is the city’s one of the oldest, renowned, and historic commercial hubs. The market in question is a veritable goldmine for antiques, old and aged merchandise, uncommon treasures, etc. You can find anything within its winding lanes, starting from timeworn cinematic posters to retro gadgets and furnishings, to precious trinkets.

Though you might doubt the legitimacy of the products offered up for sale within this market owing to its name, Chor Bazaar can be a fun place to explore with your friends.

Colaba Causeway

Perched at the roaring center of the southern half of this city, Colaba Causeway is an ideal destination for tourists. As you roam within this lively outdoor marketplace, you’ll find a wide variety of products starting from distinctive handicrafts and mementos, to stylish apparel and jewelry.

Moreover, Colaba Causeway is one of the most affordable markets in Mumbai where fashionistas can find designer clothes at cheap rates, you’ll find a treasure trove of choices. Plus, if you feel like you need a break and some food, you’ll find enough cafes nearby to satisfy your cravings.

Crawford Market

A work of art as well as a retail magnet, Crawford Market dates back to the latter half of the nineteenth century.  Notable due to its vibrant ambience, and gorgeous Victorian era-inspired architecture, this bazaar is now a landmark in post-independent Mumbai.

You’ll luckily find a vast range of products within the market, like fruit snacks, essential herbs and tasty spices, nutritious food, domestic necessities, and daily items for your beloved pet.  The best time to visit Crawford Market is literally during any festivities, especially Diwali or Christmas when the entirety of this Mumbai Bazar space is decked in lights and merriment.

Zaveri Bazaar

Zaveri Bazaar which is nestled between the Crawford market and Mumbadevi Temple, is one of the city’s oldest and largest marketplace that specializes in the sale of gold. Be it gold jewelry, or other trinkets made of gold, Zaveeri Bazaar has thousands of stores, some of which even date back to generations earlier.

As a leading contributor to the nation’s 44 percent gold trade, you can be assured of finding breathtaking pieces on sale here. However,  despite their generational business, you might want to be safe while investing in gold. Other than that, if you’re cautious enough, there is no harm walking through its lanes of richly decorated shops on one fine afternoon with your friends and family.

Hill Road

Here’s the thing about Hill Road, you’ll probably find some hidden treasures among any of its various lanes if you know where to look. Hill Road is another renowned marketplace in the busy Bandra region that is revered by both residents and tourists alike.

You’ll see a variety of roadside shops, retail outlets, and vendor stands offering a treasure trove of goods from clothes to accessories, shoes, and other goods at this lively public bazaar. So, if you’re looking for affordable apparel or stylish designer clothing, Hill Road has got you covered.

Dadar Flower Market

Who doesn’t like flowers, tell me that first. I guess you’ll see most of us would love to get a bouquet of fresh and colorful seasonal blossoms every once in a while. As such, Dadar Flower Market is the biggest commercial flower-selling Mumbai bazar that offers a distinctive browsing experience. This floral hub, which is so close to the Dadar train station, is a kaleidoscope of colors and scents where every vendor boasts a wide range of freshly picked blossoms, wreaths, and floral centerpieces.

Thus, if you’re looking forward to gifting someone or yourself some flowers, make sure to head towards the very affordable Dadar Flower Market.

Fashion Street

Mumbai is often known for its crazy fashionable lifestyle. But not every designer store could be affordable for every individual. For those who have a tight limit on their expenditure, Fashion Street which lies close to Churchgate is a well-known spot. This lively outdoor bazaar has everything like trendy clothes, aesthetic jewelry, pretty shoes, inexpensive designer bags, etc.

Whether you want an affordable kurta set for an upcoming wedding ceremony, or a classic denim fit for your next picnic with your friends, you can come to Fashion Street and haggle down the prices for any of your desired products.

Mumbai is a place where shopping has met a veritable haven. For years, Mumbai Bazar’s has provided a blend of trendy and traditional, modernity and culture within its all shopping endeavors. Tourists and locals alike visit Mumbai bazars daily, in the hunt for their wares according to their desired budgets. You can take your pick from clothes to spices, flowers to jewelry, food to antiques, practically anything.

So, don’t waste your time dawdling when you can spend it within Mumbai’s Bazars shopping!


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