Treasure Hunt: 5 Famous Antique Shops in Mumbai

Treasure Hunt : 5 Famous Antique Shops in Mumbai

Treasure Hunt: 5 Famous Antique Shops in Mumbai

Mumbai is a city renowned for its vitality as well as its excitement. Within its various lanes, it conceals a wealth of historical heritage. Antique shops provide a window into the past amidst its modernity.

These emporiums enthrall both fastidious collectors, as well as inquisitive visitors with their magnificent collection of artifacts and furniture. So let’s dive into the elaborate treasure hunt among the famous antique shops in Mumbai, dear reader.

Studio Malabar, Colaba

Tucked away within Mumbai’s bazaar streets, Studio Malabar is the definition of refinement and creative flare. This gorgeous antique shop features a carefully chosen assortment of vintage decor, artwork, furniture, and all sorts of trinkets that paint a vibrant picture of charm and classic style. Each piece in this shop, starting from bronze artworks to finely sculpted rosewood shelves is hand-selected for both its cultural relevance and aesthetics.

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Everything within the store is meant to exude originality and expertise that surpass modern whims and trends, from a dainty ceramic pitcher to a grand four-post bed. However, they are no stranger to contemporary skills either. Studio Malabar has always prided itself in maintaining traditional craftsmanship along with contemporary ideas.

The shop works with regional artists and craftsmen to produce custom pieces too.  Thus, if you are looking for vintage items or a special-made product, Studio Malabar in Colaba is the place you go to, thanks to its best caliber in craftsmanship.

Taherally’s, Lower Parel

Mumbai has a rich legacy, and one can find its echoes within Taherally’s. This reputed antique shop has a distinct aura of timelessness in it, that stands at odds with the city’s constant bustle for modernity. The shop has an extensive variety of unique vintage artifacts, furniture, and other antiquities and thus has rightfully played the role of a veritable cultural haven for collectors and antique lovers.

Get Vintage Furniture & Antiques From Taherally's | LBB, Mumbai

Every corner of this shop would reveal a new masterpiece to its patrons, from finely engraved wooden pieces to delicate china. However, it’s defining quality is how they go out of their way to ensure the authenticity of the items they are selling. Taherally’s is renowned for finding authentic antiques from reliable sellers and makes sure that every piece they put on display has a traceable history attached to it.

They care to sell only genuine products, be it an ancient map or rug, furniture or ceramics, etc. Thus, if you want an authentic vintage in your house, head over to Taherally’s right now.

Chor Bazaar, Southern Mumbai

Nestled deep within the south of Mumbai, Chor Bazaar is a place that requires little to no introduction. Chor Bazaar or the Thieves Market is a series of winding lanes teeming with antique treasures waiting for curious eyes to discover. Hundreds of vintage artifacts are probably scattered throughout this market, from colonial-era treasures to Persian trinkets and even older artworks.

Chor Bazaar Mumbai - History, Visiting Time, How to Reach

If you can search for it, you can even find vintage cameras, the 50s or 60s Bollywood posters, rustic lamps or furniture, paintings or even worn-out record players here. It is the marketplace’s eclectic mix of offerings that sets it apart from other conventional antique stores. You wouldn’t know what you’d stumble upon while hunting for antiques here.

Various curious trinkets can be found without much preamble, thus making this place quite inquisitive. However, one might consider and question the legitimacy of products bought from the Chor Bazaar, but let us assure you that despite its name and previous origin, this bustling market in recent times has developed itself into a reputable and legitimate antique marketplace.

Thus, if you want a piece of the city’s kaleidoscope, head over to Chor Bazaar.

The Antique Garage, Bandra

When you walk through the doors of The Antique Garage you’ll feel the air of refinement and timeless charm wafting through this establishment. The Antique Garage’s modest exterior conceals a wealth of knowledge within, beckoning patrons to take a trip through time. This antique shop takes great pleasure in providing individualized care and meticulous dedication to precision.

Toto's Garage in Bandra West,Mumbai - Best Pubs in Mumbai - Justdial

Each artifact has an exquisite tale behind it, and the shopkeepers and their staff are all too happy to regale you with it. In every corner, there is a treasure that is begging to be discovered, be it vintage cameras or pretty wooden furniture. one of the most unique and charming Antique Shops in Mumbai. Thus, visit this beautiful and charming antique shop if you ever find yourself in Bandra.

Phillips Antiques, Colaba

Another hidden gem of the city is in Colaba which is known as the Phillip Antiques. This particular establishment features a carefully curated list of antiques, fine arts, and magnificent trinkets that you would rarely find in any of the other antique shops in Mumbai.

Phillips Antiques - Quality Antique Artefacts & Furniture

Just as they choose every item in their shop based on its uniqueness, they are also known for offering their customers the best and most meticulous craftsmanship. Each item is a masterpiece in itself, be it a grandfather clock or a beautiful china. Thus, if you’re looking for quality, authenticity, and craftsmanship, you could never find a more sophisticated place than Phillips Antiques

Antique Shops in Mumbai provide a peaceful haven for those longing to reconnect with the past in a city pulsating with the latest technologies every day. Every store, from the sophisticated Colaba to the brimming lanes of Chor Bazaar has a distinct charm that beckons visitors to take a walk through timeless treasures.

The aforementioned shops are some of the best the city has to offer and thus should be on the top of your list if you are contemplating antique shopping anytime soon.


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