Churches in Mumbai

‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’- A List of Prominent Churches in Mumbai

‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’- A List of Prominent Churches in Mumbai

Mumbai is a lively metropolis of India and is well known for its extensive faith diversity and historic legacy, in addition to its dynamic lifestyle, hectic avenues, and imposing buildings. One can find a soothing sanctuary of faith amongst the din of everyday life in this city.

Among these are the stunning churches in Mumbai that adorn the lanes of this beautiful city, and serve as a reminder of the religious blend and imperial legacy.

So, let us explore and journey to some of the most prominent churches in Mumbai.

Mount Mary Church

Arguably, one of the most well-known churches in Mumbai is this reputed Catholic shrine, Mount Mary Church, better known as Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount. Perching on a hill in Bandra, Jesuits of Portuguese origin first established this holy chapel.

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However, over the years it underwent several additions and modifications until assuming its present configuration in the 1700s. Mount Mary’s Gothic and Portuguese blend in architecture can be seen in its towering spires, arching windows, and elaborate carvings. Numerous devotees visit this church daily, as well as many tourists to revel in its solemn Glory.

John the Evangelist Church

Also known as the Afghan Church, St. John the Evangelist Church is nestled close to the Navy Nagar in the south of Mumbai. It was built back in the 19th century as a commemorative structure for the soldiers who lost their lives in the First Afghan War (1838-1842).

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The Church is a beautiful sacred ground and its significant Gothic-Moorish architectural style includes sharp arches, thin columns, and painstakingly carved elaborate screens. Every year, tourists and devotees alike flock to this church to pay solemn respects to the city’s military past.

Thomas Cathedral

An unmitigated part of Mumbai’s colonial era, St. Thomas Cathedral is dedicated to one of the 12 disciples of Jesus – St. Thomas, and now is one of the oldest standing Anglican Churches in Mumbai. Situated in the old Fort district, this cathedral was the primary place of service for the members of the British East India Company (EIC) back in the 1700s when it opened its doors.

The Serene St Thomas Cathedral in Fort, Mumbai - Paper Planes

The exterior facade of this consecrated ground is quite elegant and beautiful owing to its Neoclassical style that is evident in its soaring columns and tri-portico. Tourists and worshippers alike can marvel at its stained glass windows and elaborate woodwork.

The Gloria Church

Dedicated to Nossa Senhora de Glória, as the name suggests, The Gloria Church was established first by the Portuguese missionaries and then was reconstructed by the Jesuits in the 17th century. Located in the busy neighborhood of southern Mumbai’s Byculla, this church is known for its gorgeous exteriors and deep historical value.

Gloria Church, Byculla, Mumbai - India | View On Black Bycul… | Flickr

Also known as the Our Lady of Glory Church, this consecrated ground has a Baroque style architecture, embellished with elaborate statues and artistic elements. Even its interior is quite ornate, with an immaculate altar, fine woodworking, and an assortment of holy objects.

Michael Church

Another of the city’s old Catholic churches is St.Michael Church. Located in the downtown area of Mumbai, this church has a history that dates back to the Portuguese period of this city, when it was a parish for the general inhabiting Catholics who had settled there. As the name suggests, it was established to honor Archangel Michael.

Vandalised St. Michael's Church has been part of Mumbai's long-standing  heritage

The architectural beauty of this place has a modest tinge to it, with bell towers and white-washed exteriors. However, when seen from inside, it has a marble altar and stained glass windows – all of which have a simple yet elegant tinge to it. Every year, St. Michael’s gets numerous visitors.

Cathedral of the Holy Name

A renowned Roman Catholic cathedral, this one stands very close to the Gateway of India. Cathedral of the Holy Name is famous for its Gothic revival architecture which is quite evident in its exquisite stone carvings, curved vaults, and arches with pointed ends.

Cathedral of the Holy Name, Mumbai - Tripadvisor

It was consecrated in the early 20th century and now is the home of the Bombay Archbishop acts as the administrative center for the Archdiocese of the city. This holy place of worship is significant for pilgrims and tourists, and holds immense significance, both historically and culturally.

Anne’s Church

Another famous place of worship is the St. Anne’s Church in the Mazagon area of Mumbai. As an old Catholic church, this place honors St. Anne who is the mother of the Virgin Mary.


The elegant architecture of this church is quite the draw for most people along with its historical value. The Portuguese Jesuits were the ones who established this church in the mid-19th century and was designed in a neo-gothic style. To this day, St Anne remains a lovely place of worship by the Catholic community.

Churches in Mumbai continue to be a persistent representation of its diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The aforementioned churches are just a handful of the numerous churches that are scattered throughout the city. Each of these churches has its distinctive architectural style, cultural value, and legacy.

Discovering these hallowed places, regardless of being a devout Christian or simply a curious traveler, is always the best idea. Every day several worshippers and tourists frequent these churches, and thus, dear reader, you should also pay a solemn visit.

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