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Niterie Life: Prima 7 Night Clubs in Kolkata

Niterie Life: Prima 7 Night Clubs in Kolkata

When one thinks of the City of Joy, they don’t often associate it with vibrant nightlife. The things that come to the surface are its heritage and historical hideouts, museums and cafes, markets and malls – but never the marvelous club nights.

However, Kolkata’s nightlife is as glamorous as any of the other metropolitan cities in India. Thus, dear reader, we bring to you 7  prime Night Clubs in Kolkata.

15 Best Nightlife in Kolkata: Location, Timings, Cost for 2

Explore the pulsating Night Clubs in Kolkata scene with our curated list.

Nocturne, Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata

Reputedly serving the city’s nightlife celebrations, ever since its inauguration a decade ago, the Nocturne is the place you go to enjoy an energetic atmosphere for partying and mingling. With cutting-edge amenities and a booming sound system, Nocturne is the place where you can find a bar scene as well as a lounge and kitchen scene.

Reviews of Nocturne, Theatre Road, Kolkata | Zomato

You can come here to spend some time, unwinding, and have booze or hookah or dance to your heart’s loudest beat at Nocturne where you are guaranteed a good time at any time of the year at an approximate cost of 2000/- INR for two.

Club Boudoir, Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata

Boudoir is a well-known nightclub in Kolkata and is a close neighbor of the Nocturne nightclub. An offshoot, i.e., a branch of a renowned French-style-inspired club and lounge that has its home in Dubai. An expansive and glamorous establishment, Club Boudoir has the highest quality when it comes to providing entertainment and an impeccable experience.

Club Boudoir, Shakespeare Sarani | WhatsHot Kolkata

Their finger foods are to die for, and even its wide selection of cocktails and shisha mixes are fan favorites. They host occasional Ladies’ Night, making this place a must-visit for all the gorgeous ladies out there. At just a range of 1500/- INR, you can experience a glittering night at Club Boudoir.

M Bar and Kitchen, Park Street, Kolkata

Ever since its inauguration back in 2014, M Bar and Kitchen has been well-known and hailed as one of the best places to go to enjoy Kolkata’s nightlife scene. The club took care of making their premises as eco-friendly as possible by using glass, solid wood, and pretty gems to decorate.

M Bar And Kitchen – M Bar And Kitchen

Their culinary perfection ranges from various international cuisines like East Asian, European, and Pan American. However, their main attraction is their bar. It is 26-foot long and is fully stocked so you can probably find your drink of choice easily. DJ nights are special here and you can unwind your hectic schedule by grooving to their beats.

Thus, if you want to enjoy the vibrancy of being alive, make sure to head towards M Bar and Kitchen where you can find Kolkata’s energetic night scene at just 2400/- INR for two.

Five Mad Men, RDB Sector V, Kolkata

Located in the commercial area of Salt Lake Sector V, Five Mad Men (FMM) is the place you go if you have slightly light pockets. Unlike many clubs with limited Happy Hour selection, Five Mad Men has a Happy Hour Menu that is expansive with cocktails starting from 195 INR to 350 INR. The selection also includes shots, whiskies, wines, and even gin. This is one of the best nightclubs in Kolkata.

Menu of Five Mad Men, Sector 5, Salt Lake, Kolkata

Moreover, their normal menu is also quite affordable and they tend to host exciting events within the venue. Their DJ nights come with offers like unlimited shots for ladies etc. Thus, if you want to enjoy the best at affordable rates, make sure to head to Five Mad Men where you can enjoy its nightlife scene at just 1300/- INR for two.

Aqua, Park Street, Kolkata

Nestled amid the Park Street area, Aqua is a poolside club that offers a tangible and easy-going nightlife in Kolkata. Its laid-back atmosphere can make you feel cozy and relaxed, and you can easily unwind yourself, alone or accompanied by your friends at Aqua by choosing their delectable selection of finger foods and sipping their delicious cocktails.

Aqua Bar - THE Park Kolkata, India

The poolside atmosphere makes the experience even more idyllic. Their DJ nights can be quite groovy and you can enjoy the amenities of Aqua at just 3000/- INR for two.

Someplace Else, Park Street, Kolkata

Your greatest option if you want to indulge in the city of joy’s exciting and lively night scene of partying and dancing, is Someplace Else located within the Park Hotel in the famous Park Street area. Here, they have a vibrant nightlife atmosphere with tasty food, fun cocktails, and live music shows.

Someplace Else Bar - THE Park Kolkata, India

This pub has the overall charm of a traditional British tavern, thanks to its tiled flooring wooden paneling, and dim lighting. If you want to enjoy an evening full of energy and enthusiasm, make sure to visit Someplace Else and avail its many services at an approximate rate of 2400/- INR for two.

Monkey Bar, Camac Street, Kolkata

Monkey Bar is the place you go to if you’re searching for daring and inventive cocktails, fusion food, and lively DJ nights. Nestled within a popular area in the city of joy, Monkey Bar can give you a breathtaking view of Kolkata’s skyscape. This rooftop bar and club is well-known among the city’s partygoers as they can see as far as the Victoria Memorial.

Everything here is themed on the local life of Kolkata, from food to creative cocktails and decor. Thus, if you wish to enjoy authenticity with a dash of innovative streak, then make sure to visit the Monkey Bar on the ninth level of the Fort Knox building at just 1500/- INR for two.

Monkey Bar to serve the dinners of Kolkata - Restaurant India

Kolkata is a city of wonder, its heritage and knowledge stretching back decades. However, its modernization is something to never overlook. At the City of Joy’s Lanes, you can find new and exciting nightclubs in Kolkata springing to life every day and catering to a wide range of patrons.

Apart from the aforementioned clubs that you must visit, there are other nightclubs in Kolkata like The Grid, Hard Rock Cafe, 10 Downing Street, TGI Friday, Traffic Gastropub, Olypub, The Lords and Barons, Trincas, adding to the vibrant nightlife scene.

Discover these hotspots and more as you explore Kolkata’s dynamic club and bar scene, rich in diversity and excitement, with night clubs in Kolkata lining the streets and alleyways, beckoning you to experience the pulsating rhythm of the city after dark.





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