7 Unique Home Decor & Antique Stores In South Delhi

Decorating your house can be time-consuming, and shopping for the right product is a tedious job, but they don’t have to be. Delhi has some of the most beautiful stores to cater to your unique taste. Here, luxury meets trends and tradition meets chic. So, if you live in Delhi and have a unique taste in Home decor, check out these awesome places you can shop from the next time you’re on the lookout!

The Decor Kart – Khan Market

From minimalistic, chic vases and kitchenware to charming vintage pieces, traditional Desi decors, and understated art, The Decor Kart is the perfect one-stop destination for all your decor needs. If you are looking forward to elevating the aesthetics of your home to match your vibe, you need to explore the elegant and eye-catching range they provide. Keeping in mind your busy schedule, TDK also offers same-day delivery. Check out their website to find the store that’s closest to you.

Splendour Via Murano – Khan Market

Want to illuminate your house in a grand way? Splendour has got you covered. You can find everything ranging from elaborate and majestic chandeliers to dapper lamps and ceiling lights. Lighten up your living room like a Maharani would, or get the perfect Art Deco wall sconces. The regal lighting would not just enhance the aesthetic of your space but also make it look tasteful and super attractive. Explore their collections to find the perfect match to lighten up your home.

Good Earth, Khan Market

If you are a fan of handcrafted Indian decor and want your house to have a chic and minimal appeal with a touch of tradition, Good Earth is just the place. Get kitchenware, decor, drinkware, and furnishing all in the same place. Their collections appreciate the plethora of traditional art across and beyond the country. Good Earth offers a range of trendy and sophisticated home decor that you can browse through. You can pick a fresh and vibrant palette or a muted, earthy one, you will end up having a splendid-looking house at the end of it. If you are the kind of person who likes the touch and feel of products, check out their store in Khan Market or explore the collections on their website.

Country Collection: Hauz Khas

    Love to collect rare and antique pieces to make your home look more elegant? Look no further. Country Collection has some of the most exquisite pieces that can elevate the nooks and create an earthy aura that you would love. Intricate handicrafts and unique statuettes, from medieval pieces to South East Asian artisanship, You would find everything and more under the same roof at the Country Collection Store. Let the luxurious furniture and the exclusively crafted idols and statuettes be synonymous with your tasteful choice.

    Sharma Farms, Chattarpur

    This amazing decor store brings to you some of the finest Indian woodwork available in the city. Elaborate and grand door panels, furniture, and more feature traditional motifs, intricate Jali work, and some of the most earthy yet vibrant Desi color palettes. It is a mix of nostalgia and modern decor. If you want a piece of the magnificent patterns on architectural marvels of Delhi to be in your living space, Sharma Farms has got to be the place for all your decor needs. Don’t forget to check out their store when you’re around.

    It’s All About Home – Ghitorni

    If you want to add a little deluxe touch to your home, they’ve got an awesome range of furniture, home furnishings, and decor. You can explore the minimal prints and a calming color palette that is versatile enough to complement your space just right. The subtle and chic pieces are a must to elevate your space and make it the perfect cozy home that you deserve. The store is super easy to navigate and you can pick up some amazing ideas to decorate your favorite nooks.

    Naayab – Shahpur Jat

    A perfect balance of vibrance and subtlety, Naayab doesn’t fail to deliver what the name promises—something unique, exquisite, and beautiful to look at. Its pastel colors and Pinteresty aesthetics are cool, trendy, and perfect if you want to add a little color to your space without making it too vivid. Take a look at their collections of kitchenware, decor, and more to give your home a flattering makeover.

    Now that you have all the places you can visit, all you need to do is make sure what aesthetic you want to go for and play a little with colors and textures to get the best decor for your home. Happy exploring!

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