Biggest malls in Mumbai

6 Biggest Malls in Mumbai: Shopping Arcades

Valentine or Galentine week was just over. Howsoever you may have celebrated the day, you’d have bought gifts, or worn pretty clothes, didn’t you? Well, Mumbai takes shopping and gifting to a whole another level. Mumbai malls, with their bustling atmosphere and diverse offerings, offer a window to the vibrant daily life of the city.

This City of Dreams is a melting pot of modern culture, where both Western fashion and Indian authenticity find its Home. Not only that, there are gadgets and appliances, shoes, and several other items one might find in the Mumbai malls. So, if you’re new to the city or are a tourist, here are a few fanciest and biggest malls in Mumbai:



Phoenix Market City Mall, Kurla West, Mumbai

A Phoenix is a grand creature, and befitting the name, Phoenix Market City Mall in the Kurla area is one of the biggest malls in Mumbai to shop in. Occupying an area of 1.14 million square. ft, this mall is a dream come true forPhoenix Marketcity every shopaholic. Ranging from Zara to Sephora, this mall has many other luxurious clothing and makeup outlets occupying its four floors. Furthermore, there are dining options, like McDonald’s or Keventers etc too, along with ample parking facilities. So, if you’re looking for a dazzling shopping experience within the city, make sure to visit Phoenix Market City Mall, with its 300+ stores.

Oberoi Mall, Goregaon East, Mumbai

Oberoi mall

Another engineering marvel of the city is the Oberoi Mall in the Goregaon region. With its 500+ retail stores and occupying almost seven hundred thousand square. feet, the mall dethrones even the Phoenix Market City Mall in a sheer luxurious shopping experience. Brands GAP, Forever 21, and Aeropostale have their outlets within the mall, along with numerous other high-grading brands.

It also boasts NAMCO and PVR Cinema Hall with 6 screens within the establishment catering to the entertainment needs. Moreover, there are cafes for dining and ample parking space, thus making this mall a must-visit for any shopping enthusiasts.

R-city Mall, Ghatkopar West, Mumbai

R city

R-city with its almost 200 retail shops, squats just mere minutes from the Phoenix Market City Mall and offers its customers a veritable shopping experience. 1.2 million square.ft in size, the mall caters to brands like Lifestyle, Westside, Marcos, etc, and offers luxury dining experience with restaurants like Mainland China.

As for its recreational capacity, it has INOX Multiplex, TimeZone, etc, and a humble parking facility. Thus, if you are looking for a fancy, yet chill setting, then visit this establishment.

Inorbit Mall, Malad West, Mumbai


One of the oldest malls in the city, that opened its doors in the early 2000s, Inorbit Mall in the Malad West region caters to a large population daily. While being modest as compared to other larger malls, this one is no less grand when it comes to offering the customers an intensive experience while shopping.

There are outlets like Nike, ONLY, Levis, etc, along with recreational places like TimeZone, and INOX, etc to provide an exciting experience to its visitors. To complete the whole package of luxury shopping, the mall also provides food lovers with options like Pizza Hut, The Irish House, etc. Pick this place for your next shopping destination ASAP!

Palladium Mall, Lower Parel, Mumbai

palladium mall in mumbai

Located on the southern side of the city, Palladium Mall is another of its biggest shopping arcades. Taking up a space of 280,000 square.ft, this mall offers brands like Dior, Jimmy Choo, Gucci Channel, etc making this mall one of the luxurious shopping destinations. Furthermore one can find spas, cafes, and salons within this mall to please every need of its visitors.

With a modest parking facility, the Palladium Mall should be on your list if you want a branded shopping experience.

Atria, The Millennium Mall, Worli, Mumbai

Another one of the biggest malls in Mumbai on the southern side of the city is the Atria, The Millennium Mall. Squatting by occupying an area of 190,000 square. ft, this establishment is known for its unique variety of outlets for both branded and local businesses.  One can find conventional brands like Zara,  Marks & Spencer, Genesis Jewels, etc along with several local stores.

Apart from shopping, it also has great dining options like Barbeque Nation, Costa Coffee, etc to offer an all-around experience. So, if you’re looking for blended shopping and tasty dining, make sure to check out this mall in Worli.


Mumbai is a city of vibrant nightlife, and the malls of the city cater to that reputation quite a bit. While the best time to visit any mall in the city is during the afternoon hours, one might find that even after the sun goes down, Mumbai malls never cease to offer an all-rounder experience to their visitors.

While some of the malls in this list, like the Phoenix Market City Mall, are well-known, others have an equal, if not similar, vibe of sparkle and euphoria. With top-notch dining and entertainment options, these establishments, scattered throughout the city, are the best places to search for vibrancy and life. Explore these Mumbai malls for your next shopping destination ASAP! Happy shopping, dear reader!!


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