places in bangalore

Explore Travelogue: Must Visit Places in Bangalore

A magical city where architecture, history, and culture draw a happy union, Bangalore is one of the best tourist hotbeds in India. A melting pot of diverse heritage, a veritable mix of immigrant cultures and native identity finds its way into the city’s food, art culture, monuments, and nightlife.

places in bangalore

Moreover, being the IT Hub of India, the city also attracts its fair share of new people daily looking to further their careers. So if you are a tourist or a new local in the area, you must want to know the must-visit places in the city. Fret not, we compiled a travel guide that would point you in the right direction, dear reader.

Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace

Tipu Sultan is a name that requires very little to no disclaimer. He with his military prowess and strategical mind actively staved off English supremacy over his region until the Fourth Anglo-Mysore War. His summer palace, also known as Daria Daulat Bagh was finished in 1784 and stands as the best example of the fusion culture of Indo-Islamic art. Each year hundreds of tourists flock to the Palace, to appreciate its intricately carved arches, pillars, floral motifs, etc.

Places in Bangalore

The palace is mostly built out of teakwood and served as Tipu Sultan’s administrative headquarters aside from being his summer home. In present days, it acts as a museum showcasing the Sultan’s life and offers visitors a rare glimpse into the bygone era. Put this on your bucket list of the must-visit places in Bangalore.

Bangalore Palace

Another beautiful gem is the Bangalore Palace, which was built in the late 19th century by the Maharaja of Mysore and reflects the architectural style of Windsor Castle in Britain. Famous for its Tudor-style architecture, the Bangalore Palace draws tourists from all over the world to marvel at its Gothic turrets, fortified towers, and intricate carvings. Its unique interior design of beautiful windows, wall paintings, and Victorian-era furnishings make it a perfect example of colonial influence over Indian roots.

Places in Bangalore

Thus one can easily paint a picture of the lavishness through artifacts and memorabilia scattered throughout the Palace. So, make sure to visit the beautiful Bangalore Palace on your next trip to the city.

Mayo Hall

Mayo Hall

In Bangalore, there are many architectural marvels, one such stands next to the main business district of the city, in the central business sector, the Mayo Hall. The place bears the name of Lord Mayo, the viceroy of India from 1869 to 1872, and holds historical significance. As a sentient of 19th-century colonial India, this impressive building is designed to reflect colonial influence with its two-story levels. The second floor serves as a museum – the Kempegowda Museum and houses the administrative body of the city in the present day. Encircled by busy roads, stores, and eateries, the Mayo Hall is an energetic aspect of Bangalore’s cityscape and thus is a must-visit place.

Mark’s Cathedral

One of the city’s most well-known landmarks is the St. Mark’s Cathedral, which dates back two whole centuries and thus is one of the oldest churches. Reflecting on the St. Paul’s Cathedral in England, this church was founded in the early 19th century. The church is famous for its neo-Gothic architecture, elaborate carvings, and exquisite stained glass windows that never cease to draw tourists and locals alike. The interior has oak seats, towering ceilings, and a calm, tranquil ambiance that invites meditation and prayers.

Places in bangalore

In addition to religious importance, the Cathedral is a year-round center of culture. It serves as a calm haven in the bustling metropolis of Bangalore and thus is a very well-liked tourist spot. Make sure to visit the Cathedral on your trip.

Lal Bagh

Over 240 acres make up this well-known botanical garden. Lal Bagh, which means ‘Red Garden’ in English began as a project under Hyder Ali and was later finished by his son Tipu Sultan. Thus, as such, this is not a mere garden but a place of great historical significance. It bears witness to key historical events like the Anglo-Mysore wars and has a horticulture haven.

Laal Bag bangalore

The garden has a vast collection of exotic plants, trees, and flowers and is a major center of botanical research and study. One of its main attractions is the Glass House where major flower shows are often held, all year round. Thus, it is a must-visit location for tourists exploring the cityscape, if they want a glimpse of natural beauty and cultural significance.

Bangalore, also known as Bengaluru, has seen many ages come and go. The impact it left on its heritage and culture is immense and can be seen through the variety its landscape offers to its locals and tourists alike. From great food to even greater views, the city of Bangalore has some must-visit places for tourists like you.

chola temple

Make sure, to visit the aforementioned places in the list while you are exploring the city along with several other wonders like the Seshadri Iyer Memorial Hall, the Chola Temples, the Attara Kacheri, ISKCON Temple, etc. These marvels are bound to leave any tourist in spellbinding awe.

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