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Literary Haven: 7 Top-tier Bookstores in Bangalore

There is a saying among readers that you can’t have enough books cause knowledge is, and will always be, abundant. We read to escape when life becomes emotionally abusive, we read to live a thousand lives in one, and we read cause we know books will never abandon us.

So, if you’re an avid reader who is looking for some cool bookstores in Bangalore, then we’ve curated a list for you. Let the novel-hunting begin!

Visit Champaca Bookstore, Library & Cafe | LBB, Bangalore

Higginbotham, MG Road, Bangalore

Higginbothams, the oldest bookshop in the home of Flipkart, gets a  colourful makeover

One of the oldest book chains in India, Higginbothams, nestles within a beautiful architectural building. It boasts books in several genres, like YA books, psychological thrillers, sci-fi, thrillers, and classics in the fiction section, and a veritable portion is also dedicated to the non-fiction genre. Its greco-style Palladium building has several floors housing stationery sections, travel sections, comic and manga books, etc. So, if you’re a book lover hunting for a new store, make sure to check Higginbothams out.

Blossom Book House, Church Street, Bangalore

This Street In Bengaluru Is Full Of Bookshops, 51% OFF

Another of the city’s legendary bookstores is the Blossom Book House. This delightful shop is quite charming in its ambiance and houses a large selection of both newly published books and secondhand titles. They even cater to languages other than English and Hindi, one can especially find numerous titles in French.

The Blossom Book House’s intricate rows are lined with shelf after shelf, creating a mezzanine haven for book lovers. Thus if you ever find yourself on Church Street make sure you visit Blossom’s and you’ll find yourself intrigued by its distinctive appearance and welcoming employees.

The Book Hive, Shanthala Nagar, Bangalore

The Bookhive - Book Store in Ashok Nagar

Do you ever sit and think that so many people read the same books, the same words, and each take away a different piece of it with them? The charm of secondhand books lies there, I guess. Buying a previously owned book and finding specific annotations on it is half the fun of them.

As such, The Book Hive is the place in Bangalore where you can find a store full of secondhand books. You can peruse through their collection and find awesome hidden gems, some first editions too.

The Book Hive has just the right amount of snugness and eclectic vibe that can make your book-hunting experience worthwhile.

The Bookworm, Church Street, Bangalore

The Bookworm : Home

The well-liked independent retailer, The Bookworm is a veritable haven for readers in Bangalore. As an indie bookstore, they feature independent (indie) authors as well as known writers. The bookstore takes immense pleasure in curating a perfect inventory with diverse genres and languages.

If you’re a bibliophile who is looking for a booklist out of conventional choices then The Bookworm on Church Street is the place to go. Their cozy atmosphere and attentive staff enhance the experience of perusing books and finding hidden gems.

Book Fair, Koramangala, Bangalore

Check Out This Book Fair In Koramangala | LBB, Bangalore

The southern half of the city has numerous spots that are frequented by most book lovers, but the Book Fair is one such store that even though with modest popularity houses books in varied genres to provide the readers with an encompassing experience. They keep indie books as well as authors like Jane Austen, Sylvia Plath, etc.

Book Fair specializes in hoarding vintage books for those readers who like to collect older versions of certain book covers. They even deal in secondhand books, so once you enter Book Fair you need to put on your looking glasses cause there is a plethora of books to sort from.

Sapna Book House, Residency Road, Bangalore

Stores | Sapna

Bangalore has always been a hub for bibliophiles, and as such, here on our list is another oldest and popular bookstore, the Sapna Book House. Here, one can find books on various genres and authors, but especially a variety is stocked on Indian authors. They cater to clientele on topics like academia, fiction, non-fiction, travel, poetry, comics, etc.

The structure of this Book House is multi-tiered, and over the years has become a focal point for book lovers and authors alike. Furthermore, there is a stationery section where you can buy cute items. Thus, do visit this bookstore during your trip to Bangalore.

Champaca Bookstore and Library, Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore

Champaca isn’t just a bookstore but also a cafe where bibliophiles can come and lounge and enjoy their favorite books for a tranquil moment. They house carefully curated books so that every person can find their genre and be satiated with their choice. From tantalizing thrillers to murder mysteries, from fantasy to sci-fi, classics to self-help books, Champaca can give you a taste of all, along with a taste of their extreme culinary perfection.

Visit Champaca Bookstore, Library & Cafe | LBB, Bangalore

Moreover, they try to support indie authors by hosting events where authors can talk about their books, writing hurdles, etc. So, if you love good food and books, then visit Champaca Bookstore.

A city built on knowledge, Bangalore is where readers can find true satisfaction. As a bibliophile, you’ll find that there are bookstores that house a varied reading list that appeals to every taste.

From secondhand books to indie publications, special editions to first editions, you can find whatever your heart desires. Thus, the seven aforementioned bookstores come into the picture. Make sure to visit them, peruse through their collection, and find your next perfect read.


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